It’s a trap! (Vacation time)

Ahhhhh, sitting by the beach, enjoying a beer, life is good….

for about a week….

Vacations are amazing, unfortunately, you have chosen the path of medicine. Do you remember when you would end spring semester in high school and start back up in the fall, and completely forget everything? The effect doesn’t go away. Studying is now a full time commitment. Summer break? Make sure your parents send pictures. Christmas? Your present better be a Qbank. Any and all breaks are now opportunities to get ahead or refresh on subjects that were difficult for you.

Now, am I saying to sacrifice all your time? No!

Take a week to rest and relax. Catch up on the Netflix you’ve been 6 months behind on.

Just don’t get sucked in.

Now for some well earned rest!

Until the next sleepless night.


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